Friends of Schull Hospital is a registered charity. Number CHY 12610
Schull Community Hospital, South Colla Road, Schull, West Cork
email: friendsofschullhospital@gmail.com

Friends of Schull Hospital is an organisation formed to help raise funds for a badly needed
modernisation and extension to the hospital which was completed in 2019.
The original Hospital was officially opened in April 1942
The Hospital now contains 17 single rooms, and 2 double rooms.
These include 2 respite beds, 2 community support beds, and 1 palliative care bed.
There are 17 full time residents.
The 2 respite beds benefit as many as 150 people in any given year, not to mention their hardworking carers.
The community support beds are a god-send to any older person who is feeling vulnerable and in need of care and support after an operation or illness.

Since the completion of the new building work, ‘Friends’ have also funded all manner of equipment and furnishings,
as well as a wheelchair friendly bus.

Unlimited broadband coverage in the dayroom, together with projection equipment for movies, you tubes,
and interactive Skype sessions have also been funded by ‘Friends’

With the help of Friends donations as outlined above
The Health Information and Quality Association [HIQA] recently
proclaimed Schull Hospital as the best Community Hospital in Ireland,
having attained a full 100% in their assessment visits and examinations.
All praise to the staff for helping to achieve and maintain this high standard.

Sure we’re all friends of Schull Hospital really, since over time we’ll know, or are related to someone who spent time there. 
Due to the covid crisis, Friends of Schull Hospital have been unable to hold street or church gate collections,
[normally a large part  of their income], so now they need to seek funds remotely over the internet..
If it had been possible and you would have given a donation last year on one of the flag days,
perhaps you would consider giving a donation now. Overseas donations welcome.

Click here for details of how to donate


Friends of Schull Hospital Committee Members :
Michael Collins Chairman, Nora O Regan Treasurer,
Michael Barnett, Jerry Quinlan, Nellie Cotter,  Elizabeth Attridge, John Barry, Patrick Kennedy

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